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At Dr. Murkute’s O2 Bone & Eye Care, patients receive exceptional eye care services, including perimetry, a crucial diagnostic tool used to assess the visual field. Perimetry is a specialized examination that helps detect and monitor conditions affecting a person’s peripheral vision. It plays a vital role in the early diagnosis and management of various eye diseases, especially those that impact the optic nerve and the visual pathways.

The Importance of Perimetry:

Perimetry is an essential procedure in ophthalmology as it aids in the early detection of conditions such as glaucoma, retinal diseases, neurological disorders, and other vision-related abnormalities. These conditions often affect a person’s peripheral or side vision before their central vision is noticeably impaired. By identifying and monitoring such changes, eye care professionals can initiate appropriate treatments to prevent further deterioration and preserve their patients’ vision.

The Procedure:

Dr. Murkute and the highly trained team at O2 Bone & Eye Care ensure that the perimetry examination is performed with precision and care. During the procedure, the patient sits comfortably in front of a specialized instrument called a perimeter. The perimeter is equipped with a bowl-shaped screen that displays a series of light stimuli at different locations within the visual field.

The patient is asked to focus on a central point and respond whenever they detect a light flash at any position within their field of view. The responses are recorded, and the data is used to create a visual field map, showing the patient’s ability to detect light at various points throughout their peripheral vision.

The Results and Interpretation:

The results of the perimetry test provide valuable insights into the patient’s visual field. If there are any areas of reduced sensitivity or visual defects, it may indicate the presence of underlying eye conditions or neurological abnormalities. The type, size, and location of these defects aid in the diagnosis and help determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Conditions Detected by Perimetry:

  • Glaucoma: Perimetry is especially crucial in diagnosing and managing glaucoma, a condition characterized by progressive damage to the optic nerve, often caused by increased intraocular pressure. The test helps identify peripheral vision loss, which is one of the earliest signs of glaucoma.
  • Retinal Diseases: Certain retinal conditions, such as retinitis pigmentosa and retinal degeneration, can cause peripheral vision loss. Perimetry helps track the progression of these diseases and assess their impact on the patient’s visual field.
  • Neurological Disorders: Perimetry can also help detect neurological disorders that affect the visual pathways, such as optic neuritis, pituitary tumors, and strokes that involve the visual cortex.

Dr. Murkute’s Commitment to Eye Care:

At O2 Bone & Eye Care, Dr. Murkute and his team are dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care services with cutting-edge technology and a patient-centric approach. Perimetry is just one of the many advanced diagnostic tools used to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans for their patients.

If you suspect any issues with your vision or have concerns about your eye health, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment at Dr. Murkute’s O2 Bone & Eye Care. Their expert team is ready to assist you in preserving and enhancing your visual health.

Dr. Murkute’s O2 Bone & Eye Care is well equipped speciality hospital with modern machineries along with government recognised modular operation theater with laminar flow.
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